Who We Are

Our Story, Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Story

In a season where Chae and Judy were broken and hurt from the church, they wondered what the Lord was doing in their lives. Everything they worked for turned to ashes but they knew that the Lord could bring a crown of beauty in all situations. Through confirmation, conviction, and prayer, they launched a church on Sept 9, 2018. The crown of beauty was Regeneration Community Church. Their prayer would be a church for the broken and the hurt in the DFW area. They discovered many unchurched and de-churched people who had a broken relationship with Jesus. This is how the name Regeneration Community Church came about- with the hopes that the church could restore the broken to Jesus, invite them into His Family, and all together proclaim His good deeds (Titus 3:4-7). This is Regen.

Our Vision

We welcome the brokenrestore them to Jesus, invite them into His family, and all together proclaim His good deeds.

Our Mission

Be Disciples, Make Disciples
Matthew 28:18-20
We desire to be fully devoted followers that will passionately pursue our first love, Jesus Christ. Once we encounter Jesus in our lives, we are never the same. We become disciples. Out of the overflow, we want others to know Jesus and pursue Him together.