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Take Church Beyond Sundays

At Regeneration, we believe that church life goes beyond our Sunday services. We encourage our congregation to continue to seek and love the Lord seven days a week.

Host Team

  We exist primarily to serve those who are new to – or not regular attendees of – Regeneration church, by showing hospitality to whoever walks through the church’s doors and being the front line agents for the church’s mission to bring people to genuine relationship with Christ. We know that as we faithfully serve, seeds will be planted and relationships will grow organically around Christ.

Praise Team

We want to gather and equip a team that is committed to leading the church into having an authentic encounter with the living God through praise and worship. We want to each member to find their song and their voice in praising the Lord and we hope to do that by building a safe and free atmosphere.

NextGen Kids

We want to help children build a firm foundation in their faith through understanding the character of God, and the importance of the gospel.

NextGen Youth

Our mission is to inspire students to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. We exist to walk alongside Junior High and High School students as they develop their own authentic faith and equip them to share it with their communities.

Media Team

We want to gather and unleash creativity through media ultimately for the purpose of evangelism. Just as Jesus used parables to tell the truth, through creativity, we want to tell stories of God’s love story and saving grace. We desire to see and communicate the beauty of our God in our various services, events, and projects in fun and purposeful ways.

Operations Team

Run the Audio and Visual and help direct the service to ensure clarity, quality, and a distraction-free environment for people to hear God’s Word and be directed by His Spirit.


Reach and serve the local community through creative means to share God’s love, specifically to the unchurched and de-churched, and ultimately make Him known.

Prayers Ministry

We recognize a huge need for prayer in our community. Our heart is to minister to one another through prayer. When we gather together, we want to lift up our voices before the Lord and pray as a church.

Interested in a Ministry Team?

Let us know if you’re interested in the work or just have questions about what any of our ministry teams do!

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